Upgrades for : Stetson Ross - Newman - Coastal - Yates - Gilbert - USNR
Coming soon a list of Used Planer Equipment for sale

  • Used Woods Planers & Used Woods Feed Tables & Used Parts
  • Used Newman Planers & Used Newman Feed Tables & Used Parts
  • Used Yates Planers & Used Yates Feed Tables & Used Parts
  • Used Coastal Planers & Used Coastal Feed Tables & Used Parts
  • Used Stetson Ross Planers & Used Stetson Feed Tables & Used Parts
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Cobra Technical Services
Specialists in planing mill performance Improvements

Coming Soon! By 2013
Kevin Jenson (541) 517-5370
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Cobra Technical Services LLC
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    Cobra Technical Services are specialists in high speed  planers and feed tables including: Newman, Stetson Ross, Coastal, Yates, Gilbert and Woods.  We have an extensive experience with improving the performance in planer tensioning and positioning, automatic tensioning positioning systems, planer hydraulic or electric drives, Top head side head servo positioning systems, feed table hydraulic or electric drives, and feed table tensioning systems . If  you are interested in improving the performance of your equipment give us a call! We hope you find this website information valuable, and we ask for your suggestions to help make this site even more valuable.