Cobra Technical Services are specialists in high speed  planers and feed tables including: Newman, Stetson Ross, Coastal, Yates, Gilbert and Woods.  We have an extensive experience with improving the performance in planer tensioning and positioning, automatic tensioning positioning systems, planer hydraulic or electric drives, Top head side head servo positioning systems, feed table hydraulic or electric drives, and feed table tensioning systems . If  you are interested in improving the performance of your equipment give us a call! We hope you find this website information valuable, and we ask for your suggestions to help make this site even more valuable.

Over head Tension Positioning
When it comes to maximizing production with the planer there are many different areas you must consider.  Probably the most important of these is the tensioning and positioning system. Years ago we started installing these systems over the planer for a couple of reasons, and with time we realized there was a multitude of reasons to continue doing so.  These include easy accessibility for maintenance, the ability to see wear points, better positioning visually, trouble shooting, and most important…… improved tensioning. The Cobra overhead tensioning and positioning systems are available for most planers. These systems provide a very low but consistent tension that keeps the boards traveling smoothly without slipping or hesitating. This is vital as many planers have a tensioning system that varies depending on the thickness of each piece of lumber, which may lead to abuse to the planer, with break-ups, jam-ups, excessive wear, and of course premature failures. The Cobra system provides constant tension, even with high variations in lumber thickness, using specially designed cylinders, accumulators, and adjustable pressure controls. The Cobra tensioning system takes the harsh “banging” out of the operation and makes the whole system much smoother.  The result?  Better production, fewer breakups in the planer and longer service life on the machine. 
When it comes to the positioning if the rolls are not set correctly, it puts the planer through enormous wear to sleeves, bearings, and shafts. This also results in a loss of the tolerances needed to achieve maximum production. The positioning aspect of the Cobra overhead planer feed roll system allows the setup man to individually position the top feed rolls based on thickness of lumber. We remount these cylinders to a position where the angle of the cylinders gives the planerman a better ability to fine tune these positions accurately, within a 1/16 of an inch.  This system replaces the current electric motors and gear boxes along with many older hydraulic positioning components. We also take this system to another level with the Cobra's automatic positioning and tensioning system.

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